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Appearance and personnality

Lecef Baloma is a male Miqo'te, of average height. He has light-brown hair and odd eyes, the right one being of a white-blue and the left one of a yellowish-gold. He used to bear facial paint, as many people of his race, but decided to remove them after some weeks spent in Eorzea, choosing that he belonged more to this place than to any other.

He looks young, pretends he's in his early 20's, a fact denied by some people he met who are convinced he's younger than that. He has a strong sense of loyalty and can be a humorous fellow when in good mood. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't understand subtlety and irony. Naive and gentle, it's easy to convince him that white is black, as long as he respects and trust the person who tells him. He likes to help and to understand what's behind the masks. As a student in the many ways of the aether, he wills to find the truth and to understand the hidden system behind everything, whether it be a behavior, a fact or the way matter is.

He likes to flirt and play with people, pretending he is things he's not, hiding his true nature and pleasing anyone. He thinks himself as a charming one without knowing if the thought is shared by others. He speaks several languages. His first name, Lecef, means "Light bringer" (le = one who brings, cef = light), his surname means "Guardian of Order and Chaos" (ba = guardian, protector, lo = chaos, ma = order) in an old and forgotten tongue.

He likes freedom, nature and the beauty of all things, beauty he's proud to find in almost everything. He goes by the saying "only artists and children see things as they are", without being able to tell if he's wether a child or an artist. He hates the color blue (but wears it, weirdly, almost all the time), meat and stupidity.

Travel to Eorzea

As he arrived in Eorzea, like many before him, seeking adventure and novelty, Lecef headed to Ul'Dah where he met Momodi the guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild of the sandy town. Understanding, in one look, that Lecef was the kind to get away from dangerous situations by the use of his fists, the guildmaster sent him to the Pugilist's Guild where he could meet Hamon Holyfist, a strong fistfighter.

Following the teachings of the old and wary master, Lecef started to travel around Thanalan where he offered his help to the many inhabitants in need, allowing the Silver Bazaar to retrieve peace, slaying monsters and threats risen by the Cataclysm and mastering the way of the Pugilist. His many lessons brought him to help Holyfist to fight his old demons and to win against Weggfarr Wideaxe, who threatened Holyfist to take the leading of the guild from him.

Admission to Graymatter

As he was traveling on his own, discovering the numerous beauties and possibilities offered by Eorzea, improving his skills as a Pugilist to become a Monk, Lecef met Serena Eclipse, one of the numerous Free Company leaders populating the realm. Lecef was surprised that, unlike many other leaders, Serena decided to talk to him before presenting to him the admission forms. Most of the Free Company are used to talk to independent adventurer, knowing they don't belong to any company as if written in their face, inviting them to join their ranks, promising kindness and advices. Serena Eclipse seemed different. While she was gathering, she came across Lecef and greeted him, asking how he was and how he felt in that new world. Reluctant, because he had met so much rude and blunt leaders, Lecef tried Serena by asking her to convince him that her Free Company was better than any other.

With a light laugh, Serena explained that she treated her Company as she treated her friends and family. She was there to help those who sought advice and, inspired by her selflessness, most of the regular members did the same. While explaining why she invited Lecef to join their ranks -simply because he was alone and she assumed that her Company could allow him to meet new people of all horizons- she remained calm and confident. The look in her eyes told everything ; she knew she could convince Lecef and she knew that, eventually, he would accept.

So did Lecef. He signed the forms, learnt the rules, met his new companions, thinking that, if anything went wrong, he could change his mind. A thought that he soon left behind him.

Believing that Graymatter could become an important part of his life, Lecef decided to donate 90 000 gils, granting him the rank of Lieutenant of the Company. He considers improving his skills as a Gatherer or as a Crafter in order to become one of those who help the members in need. His odd way of life forces him, though, to stay awake when others sleep and to sleep when others live, preventing him from attaining this objective. Stil, he decided to learn from every master, be it a Disciple of the Hand or a Disciple of the Land, how to gather and craft materials into useful tools and garments which would help him stay independent and rich but also, in a near future, assist his fellow comrades.

A new path

After a violent encounter with Ifrit, Lord of Inferno, and the fight following, Lecef decided to embrace a new way. The fight with the Primal resulted in a painful injury in his right shoulder, forcing him to reconsider his way of fighting. As a hardened Pugilist, he was expected to deliver violent blows and punches but his injury made every fight move painful to him. In addition to this physical injury, Lecef suffered from the loss of his fellow prisoners, all had felt under the powerful charm of the Primal and were sent to death, no cure to the spell being available at the time.

This is how Lecef decided to change his path. After a brief meeting with Legatosh Inuiano, another fellow member of his Free Company, Lecef was marked by the impression left by the White Mage. The sense of charity and selflessness of a healer convinced him that it was the way he was looking for. Deciding to choose a way to fight relevant with his new condition, he started to travel around Eorzea to meet several guild leaders who could give him some advice.

Refusing to limit himself to only one choice, Lecef met the leaders of the Marauder's Guild, the Rogue's Guild, the Archer's Guild (trusting his origins would help him apprehend this role more efficiently) but only found a guidance within the Conjurer's and Arcanist's Guilds. The pain in his shoulder growing stronger as he wielded daggers, two-handed axes and bows, Lecef chose to abandon all the Disciple of War paths.

The Guildmasters of the Conjurer and Arcanist guilds advised him that, considering his physical condition and his ambitions, it would be wise of him to study further the different layers of a healer role. Both guilds provided a way to attain his objectives and both leaders told him about strong individuals who, like him, swore to help in battle, to protect life and help the wounded rather than to strike and kill. The choice was his to become either a Scholar or a White Mage.

Lecef followed the advices and the teachings of both Guildmasters. He quickly realized that a Conjurer who, sometimes, didn't have other choice but to fight, had some difficulties to sustain long fights and, even considering his ability to duck and dodge, legacy of his time as a Pugilist, Lecef was scarcely able to travel on his own within the dangerous regions of Eorzea. In the other hand, as an Arcanist, he felt that he could still remain independent and, as he met with Carbuncle, aetherial entity who followed and protected him, he decided to follow this path, to learn everything he could from the lessons provided by the Guild, hoping that, one day, he would be able to become a Scholar, one who can heal the wounded and raise the fallen while still being able to face threats and foes.

The many ways of a Scholar

As he grew stronger in the way of the Arcanist, a path he chose to follow in order to become a great healer, Lecef met Alka Zolka, a Lalafell seeking old secrets of the military tactics of the lost civilization of Nym.

As an archeologist, he was hunting several artifacts that could guide him through his quest for answers. By meeting Lecef, an Arcanist looking for knowledge, he would be able, remotely, to find more artifacts linked to the ancient order of the Scholars, strategists able to turn the tide of a battle by the use of their unique powers.

Lecef accepted to help the student and, by doing so, uncovered a powerful artifact, the Soul of the Scholar, an item able to summon two different entities, Eos and Selene, both made of the same essence of a strong fairy able to help Lecef becoming a better healer. His arcanist's skills already granted the young Miqo'te some helpful spells, but they weren't enough to be called a true healer.

Lecef caught the opportunity ; the lessons of his new companion and the fact that Selene and Eos were also able to heal granted Lecef a new rank among the many adventurers roaming around Eorzea ; finally, he was able not only to sustain a fight on his own, but also to revive the fallen and to keep others from falling before a strong enemy.

Stormy, an unexpected companion

While traveling through Eorzea, Lecef realized that his own legs, strong and resilient, as were made and built those of a Miqo'te, couldn't remain the only way to travel. Many sprints and runs could take him from one place to another but the Miqo'te realized quickly that the fatigue would be unbearable in the end.

Many of his companions, and other people he met, were just casually riding chocobos, big mounts, trustworthy companions able to transport adventurers.

Soon, Lecef was offered a chocobo by the Maelstrom, the Grand Company he joined. He rode the beast as much as the next adventurer and went here and there, conveyed by Stormy.

While traveling to the Black Shroud, near Gridania, Lecef met Luquelot who taught him an unexpected use of his companion ; Stormy, like any chocobo trained correctly, was able to help his master in battles. The proper use of a stable, vegetables and training could make Stormy a powerful opponent for those who attacked Lecef.

It didn't took long for the gifted Miqo'te to give this lesson a good use. Stormy was trained properly, fed properly and, in the end, alongside Eos and Selene, he became a strentgh to count on during the numerous fights between Lecef Baloma and the wild creatures populating Eorzea.


After some time spent among his fellow adventurers populating Graymatter, Lecef didn't feel welcome anymore within the Free Company. It broke his heart to admit it but maybe it was time for him to leave. His opinions belittled, his words rarely reaching listening ears... It was enough. He knew it was a hard decision to make but he knew that, after a while, he would go through it and be happier, away from what remained, after all, distant strangers.

Lecef Baloma thanked what already were former companions to him and left, starting a new life of adventures on his own.